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“Serving customers with the best products” is the goal pursued by the employees of the group; “serving the society with the development of the enterprise” reflects the role and responsibility of the employees of the group in promoting social progress.

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  • corporate spirit

    corporate spirit

    "Reform and innovation, seize the day, work hard and work hard, teamwork"

  • Group's values

    Group's values

    "Continue to create greater value for the society and the enterprise"

  • Business Purpose

    Business Purpose

    "Market-oriented, customer-centric, pursuit of customer satisfaction services"


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At present, China is a big consumer of adipic acid, and its consumption growth rate is leading the world.

【Review】Research progress in biomanufacturing of ethylene glycol and 1,4-butanediol

Diols are important platform chemicals with broad industrial applications in biopolymer synthesis, cosmetics and fuels. The dependence of human production and life on non-renewable resources has led to increasingly serious depletion of fossil fuels and environmental problems. Using biomass includ...

[Review] Liu Ke, Southern University of Science and Technology: The difficulty of carbon dioxide manufacturing chemicals is cost reduction

From the second generation of non-food crops and agricultural waste as raw materials to manufacture materials/chemicals, to the third generation of bio-manufacturing technologies that directly use carbon dioxide as raw materials, technology has subverted people’s cognition again and again. ...