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Mission of the Group

---"Serve customers with the best products, and serve the society with the development of the enterprise"

The mission of the Group includes the understanding of the past and present of the employees of the Group, as well as the expectations and judgments for the future, and embodies the fundamental driving force of the Group to ensure sustainable development. "Serving customers with the best products" is the goal pursued by the employees of the group; "serving the society with the development of the enterprise" reflects the role and responsibility of the employees of the group in promoting social progress.


The group's values

--"Continue to create greater value for the society and the enterprise"


For the country, the Group will promote the common development of related industries and promote the continuous progress of society by creating a world-class enterprise.

For product users and suppliers, the Group is committed to the development of the core industry chain, based on the principle of win-win cooperation, and seeks upstream and downstream companies with partners to complement each other and grow together.

For employees, the Group firmly believes that without satisfied employees, there will be no high-quality products and customer service. The development of the company is closely linked to the personal growth of employees. The Group encourages the improvement of employees' self-worth, and provides a development platform and broad space for employee growth, so that each employee can give full play to their personal potential, and provide talent guarantee for the healthy and stable development of the Group.

The Group's values also include the requirements for the internal values ​​and beliefs of the company, especially the promotion of dedication, integrity, and common development. Only by adhering to the beliefs of dedication, integrity, and common development, can creativity be stimulated, teamwork spirit can be cultivated, and greater value can be continuously created for the society and the enterprise.

The Group's Business Purpose

--"Market-oriented, customer-centric, pursuit of customer satisfaction services"

The business purpose is the basic criterion of business activities. The Group is a research and development, production and distributor of fine chemicals. Our services include not only improving production processes, stabilizing product quality, reducing production costs, and providing first-class products, but also emphasizing meticulous, considerate and people-oriented customer service. "Market-oriented, customer-centric, and pursuit of customer satisfaction services" embodies the Group's business philosophy of being market-oriented and customer-satisfied.

Products are the life of an enterprise. Without satisfactory products, there will be no satisfied customers, and without satisfied customers, there will be no future for the development of the enterprise. Therefore, based on products, market-oriented and customer-centric are the fundamentals of our business.

The progress of society is endless, the development of market demand is endless, and our pursuit of customer satisfaction products and services will also never end.


The corporate spirit of the group

--"Reform and innovation, seize the day, work hard and work hard, teamwork"


Reform and innovation spirit

The development of the chemical manufacturing industry is changing with each passing day, and the competition is very fierce. If the Group is to strive to become a world-class manufacturer, it must persist in continuous reform and innovation. Reform and innovation embodies the pursuit and motivation of Tiande Group to survive amid changes, develop amidst changes, and strive to become a world-class company amidst changes.


Strive for the spirit of the day

In today's fast-changing environment for enterprise development, market response speed has become the basic quality that determines the survival of enterprises. Adhering to the spirit of seizing the day, adapting to changes and racing against time is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of the Group. Efficiency is the key to enterprise development. Carry forward the spirit of seizing the day and improve work efficiency, and ultimately achieve the goal of improving enterprise efficiency and promoting rapid enterprise development.


Hardworking entrepreneurship

The hard-working entrepreneurial spirit advocated by the Group is not a frugal economy under the conditions of a small farmer's economy. It is the fighting spirit that never shrinks in the face of difficulties, the dedication spirit that is willing to endure hardships, and the spirit of never being satisfied, and the pursuit of progress. To create our business with an entrepreneurial spirit, and to encourage employees to work hard with an entrepreneurial spirit is the need for the Group to "create a world-class enterprise", which reflects the hard work, dedication, and pursuit of maximum efficiency in the use of corporate resources. thought of.


Spirit of teamwork

The spirit of teamwork is the guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise. Every employee of the group must adhere to the spirit of teamwork, establish an overall concept, an overall concept, and the concept of common growth. They can truly be united for the common goal and give full play to the common goals from the height of the enterprise. Potential, to achieve the effect of one plus one greater than two.