2,2-Azodi(2-Methylbutyronitrile) (CAS:13472-08-7)

Short Description:

English name: 2,2-Azodi(2-Methylbutyronitrile)

English alias: 2,2-Azodi(2-Methylbutyronitrile);

CAS#: 13472-08-7

Molecular formula: C10H16N4


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These kinds of initiators usually carry out conditional polymerization reaction with monomers and organic solvents at a certain temperature. They are oil-soluble initiators, suitable for organic solvent systems, and are used in polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, organic ring Oxygen resin, polystyrene, polyurethane, styrene copolymer, phenolic resin and rubber, etc., as a polymerization initiator for vinyl compounds.

Molecular weight: 192.26100

Accurate mass: 192.13700

PSA: 72.30000

LogP: 2.82316

EINECS: 236-740-8

PubChem: 24847254


InCHl: InChI=1/C10H16N4/c1-5-9(3,7-11)13-14-10(4,6-2)8-12/h5-6H2,1-4H3/b14-13+

Purity: High

Content: ≥98.0%(HPLC)

Melting point: 49-52

Activation ability125/mol: 3.38


Soluble in methanol and toluene, insoluble in water, belonging to oil-soluble initiator,Half-life 10h Half-life decomposition temperature: 67 ℃ (in toluene).

Product application

Widely used in textile, paper, ink, paint, resin, plastic, paint, foaming materials, etc.


Azobisisovaleronitrile is used in biochemical reagents, polymer initiators of vinyl compounds, surfactants, etc.

Product packaging

1kg packed in aluminum foil bag, 50kgs per cardboard drum, for details please confirem with sales.

Storage conditions

2-8 degrees Celsius, dry and sealed away from light.

Notes on transportation and storage

For transportation in ice packs, it is required to be sealed and stored at a low temperature below 2-6 °C.

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