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CAS No.:104-29-0

English name: chlorphenesin

English alias: Chlorophenesin; Gecophen; (4-chlorophenoxy)propane-1,2-diol; Adermykon; Chlorphenesinum;

CAS numbe: 104-29-0

Structural formula: Chlorphenesin-3

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This product has a broad-spectrum and excellent performance of antibacterial ability. It has a good inhibitory effect on gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria. It is used for broad-spectrum fungi, antibacterial agents, and formulations of cosmetics and personal care products. General preservative, improve the anti-corrosion performance of the system. It is suitable for various emulsification systems (lotions, creams, etc.), facial masks, gels, sprays, cosmetics, shampoos, hair conditioners, foams and other products, and provides reliable antiseptic in the dispenser.


In medicine, chlorphenesin-related preparations are antigen-related immunosuppressants that inhibit IgE-mediated histamine release. Chlorphenesin is also an antifungal drug, which is suitable for antifungal, bacteria, vaginal mold, and trichomoniasis, and has many drug dosage forms.

In cosmetics, chlorphenesin is used as a cosmetic bactericide in the "International Dictionary and Handbook of Cosmetic Ingredients". Chlorphenesin can effectively resist Gram-positive and negative bacteria, especially against Aspergillus niger IMl149007 and Penicillium pinophilum IMI87160 (fungi), and has strong bactericidal activity against Candida albicans NCPF3179 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCPF3275 (yeast) Very good inhibitory effect. In the past ten years, chlorphenesin has been used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical toothpaste, nail polish, soap, soap, shampoo products, and skin care products.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance and properties: white to off-white crystalline powder
Density: 1.317g/cm3
Melting point: 77-79°C
Boiling point: 369.5ºC at 760mmHg
Flash point: 177.2ºC
Refractive index: 1.565
Vapor pressure: 4.13EmmHg at 25°C

Security Information

Customs code: 2909499000
Hazard category code: R20/21/22
Safety instructions: S26-S36

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