Hexamidine diisethionate (CAS:659-40-5)

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CAS No.:659-40-5

English name:Hexamidine diisocyanate

Structural formula:Hexamidine-diisethionate-4

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Hexamidine diisethionate (Atdf® pf-95), Atdf® pf-95 has broad-spectrum and excellent antibacterial and bactericidal properties, is effective against almost all fungi, and is very safe and gentle. It has a very unique application in the cosmetics industry: widely used in anti-dandruff, anti-acne, deodorant, anti-perspirant, antiseptic, antiseptic, and antibacterial products.


At present, hexamidine diisethionate has been widely used in foreign cosmetics industry by virtue of its high efficiency of sterilization, non-irritation and high safety. At present, in addition to the imported ELESTAB HP100 supply, the corresponding model Atdfpf-95 is already available in China. With the reduction of domestic cost of hexamidine diisethionate and the continuous deepening of application research, it will become an ideal choice for active antibacterial ingredients in various daily chemical products such as personal care products and detergents. Especially in anti-dandruff, anti-acne and anti-odor formula has its unique advantages.

The application of hexamidine diisethionate in cosmetics

As a highly effective broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, hexamidine diisethionate is very safe and mild, has less irritation to the skin, and has excellent compatibility with commonly used raw materials in daily chemical products. Therefore, it is used in the cosmetics industry. Has a very unique application.

Dermatology clinical studies have shown that shampoo containing 0.1% hexamidine diisethionate can significantly reduce the Malassezia per unit area of ​​the scalp area, and as the density of Malassezia decreases, the scalp The severity of crumbs also improved significantly. The general anti-dandruff shampoo can achieve obvious anti-dandruff effect by adding 0.02%~0.05%.

In addition to its excellent anti-dandruff performance, compared to other anti-dandruff agents, there are other advantages:

①Easy to use: water soluble, no sedimentation and no need to suspend;
②will not cause discoloration;
③very safe and gentle, even to the eyes There is no irritation, and it can also remain on the skin and scalp;
④A wider application range: In addition to traditional anti-dandruff shampoos, it can be used in transparent shampoos, hair care products and sprays, etc.; ⑤It will not affect the reduction of the shampoo's hand feeling and Change, long-term use will not affect hair quality; ⑥No special requirements for production equipment.

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